Month: November 2018

Minecraft Server

New Skyblock server

MCMMO, shop, kits, chest shops, daily rewards and more

New server 1.13.2 Vanilla

You must join our network with 1.13.2 Client, … only for Vanilla survival, .. for all other servers is better to use 1.12.x Launcher. This server still is TEST MODE!!

X-mas tree competition

competition ends at 10.12.2018 1st place 25$ 300 Player point in all servers 2nd place 13$ 250 Player point in all servers 3th place 8$ 100 Player point in all servers Join creative server grab your free plot build an nice cristmas tree, bigger better be creative you can use redstone for ligths and more……
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Creative server was updated to 1.12

2 Freeplots for every one Weekly and monthly event Vote system Party plots join and mutch more

FACTIONS restarted at 13.11.2018

FACTIONS restarted at 13.11.2018 Support  1.12 Launcher Shop, Kits,  Auction House, Spawners, Vampires, Trade system, Rank system, PvP, mcMMO and more…

Hallowen 60% OFF

Promotion ends at 11.15.2018 Visit our Store

Monthly competition PvP winners

PvP  1st Place BornFor69 25$ ingame valcher 2nd Place Adnan 15$ ingame valcher 3th Place Arshmrf 5$ ingame valcher Voters  1st Place MarkI_laW 25$ ingame valcher 2nd Place ViteXniper15$ ingame valcher 3th Place Adnan5$ ingame valcher Workers 1st Place Szoenzsoen 25$ ingame valcher 2nd Place MarkI_laW $ ingame valcher 3th Place Poxucis$ ingame valcher